Rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil 4
1205 Geneva

Karl-Olof Lovblad
Head of Division

Division research projects are oriented firstly according to the clinical characteristics of the units - along diagnostic and Interventional lines - and secondly by following general themes related to technologies and their nervous system applications.

Thus the service covers the following areas on a clinical level:

  • ischemic strokes
  • cerebral hemorrhagic stroke (subarachnoid hemorrhage type followed by a ruptured aneurysm).

On a Technological Level:
Through the Diagnostic Neuroradiology Unit, the Division directs and participates in research projects on the use of cutting edge techniques in MRI (DTI, SWI, MRI-type resting state type etc.) and CT (CT multi-row, CT dual energy) for many years now.
The Division also cooperates on research topics pertain to functional brain imaging, with the Neurology Division, the Department of Neuroscience and the CIBM.
It plans to extend basic and clinical research activity in interventional neuroradiology with the use of high-field MRI to study peripheral and brain nerves in diseases such as epilepsy.

The Interventional Neuroradiology Unit is active mainly in the interventional vascular domain. In this domain, it has contributed greatly to the development of the combined imaging and operating room (room 37) and has developed its use together with the HUG Neurosurgery and Radiology Divisions.
For several years, the Division has also played an extremely important role in the development of new tools for minimally invasive treatment on an intracranial level, and on the level of technical intracranial stenting, started at HUG by Prof. D. Rüfenacht then by Dr. Mendes Pereira. The Division has since played an important role on a clinical and scientific level in the use of intracranial stents.

The two main pathologies investigated are aneurysms, where efforts are being made in the field of pre-implantation simulation, and ischemic stroke. On a stroke level, the team mainly focuses on the study of the clinical use of stentrievers.

Last update : 03/04/2019