Rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil 4
1205 Geneva

Karl-Olof Lovblad
Head of Division

The Division is a category A training location for in-depth training in diagnostic and invasive neuroradiology.

Pre-Graduate - The Division is involved in teaching at the University of Geneva Faculty of Medicine and the HES-SO Geneva.

Bachelor's - Electives: the Division currently offers two electives, one in diagnostic neuroradiology (headed by: Dr. S. Haller) and one in interventional neuroradiology (headed by: Dr. Z. Kulcsar).

APP - The Division participates in Prof. J. Kiss' anatomy classes.

Master's - Neurology Clinical Apprenticeship: the Division offers clinical apprenticeship courses on strokes (Dr. K. Lövblad), brain tumors (Dr. M. Vargas), MRI techniques (Dr. S. Haller), trauma and spinal disorders (Dr. G. Dooms).

An internship in the 6th year in the Division is also possible with a rotation primarily on a diagnostic level in the CT and MRI sectors.

On the postgraduate level, the Division is a training site in radiology for rotations within the scope of radiology training. The Division is also an A training site for invasive neuroradiology and diagnostics (refer to the training concept in Neuroradiology 2012).

The Division also organizes advanced courses in the field of minimally invasive neuroradiology techniques on anatomical models.

In addition to the Neuroradiology team staff, the Division has external parties such as PD Dr. Mendes Pereira (University of Toronto), PD Dr. Sven Haller and PD Dr. G. Dooms (Luxembourg Hospital).

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Last update : 24/01/2017