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Manuel Schibler
Manuel Schibler
Manager of Virology Laboratory


The research group is studying the genetic and phenotypic diversity of rhinoviruses and enteroviruses, two significant human pathogens.

With molecular and cellular biology tools as well as biochemical strategies, we are trying to identify the genetic determinants that give these viruses certain pathogenic traits, such as virulence or neurotropism.

Furthermore, we use human respiratory tract epithelium models to study the interactions between rhinoviruses and their host, or between rhinoviruses and other respiratory pathogens. This area of research is essential from the perspective of antiviral development and/or vaccines against these very common infectious agents.

C. TapparelC. Tapparel Vu

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M. Essaidi-LaziosiM. Essaidi-Laziosi


Mélanie FernandesM. Fernandes Rocha


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I. PiuzI. Piuz


L. RoystonL. Royston



For many years, the laboratory functions as a reference center in the area of antiretroviral resistance and HIV primary infection.

Because of our close link with clinical data and active participation in the Swiss cohort of HIV-positive patients, we analyze the molecular epidemiology of primary infections in Switzerland and monitor the emergence of primary resistance in this population. Identifying and interpreting various genome signatures leading to antiretroviral resistance allows for the transposition of these research activities into useful expertise for clinicians.

S. YerlyS. Yerly

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C. GailleC. Gaille


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