HUG: Nurturing Talent

Since the creation of an Innovations Office as part of the structure of the HUG Medical and Quality Management in 2009, more and more talented people have emerged from within HUG, some of whom compete in the annual Innovation Contest.

This permanent office with its major annual event gives HUG colleagues valuable assistance in their work on scientific or medical projects, helping them to take their groundbreaking products through the different stages of development, including: patent registration; development of a joint working contract with a private partner; setting up a company and product promotion. A real springboard for originators of new concepts, this support for innovation also represents a great opportunity for HUG: to showcase the expertise of its employees and to maintain its position in the increasingly competitive health market.

The mission of the Innovation Office is to offer professional guidance through all the necessary steps in the development of innovative projects originated by HUG colleagues.

The management of HUG understands very well the importance of investing in this new, strategic line of development. Working with partners such as the Office for the transfer of technology and competences (Unitec) at Geneva University and also the HUG Private Foundation, the HUG Innovation Office is currently overseeing about 50 projects and actively welcomes new ones. HUG employees are encouraged not to wait for the next Innovation Day to express their talents and to ask for support in order to develop their projects.

 The following have been supported by the Innovation Office


Last update : 29/01/2019