Medical activity

Meeting the needs of a community of 500,000 people, the HUG ensure everyone has access to the best possible healthcare.


Répartition des cas hospitaliers


prise en charges ambulatoires

  • 1,109,781 outpatient care cases
  • 4,248 births (top maternity unit in Switzerland)
  • 7.1 days (average length of stay in acute care)
  • 64,134 hospital cases
  • 15,849 chemotherapy treatments prepared

Emergency Room

Pictogramme urgences

130,749 emergency room cases, including 97,521 adults and 33,228 children

Pictogramme minuter

1 emergency case every 4 minutes

pictogramme téléphone

 75,439  calls to 144

pictogramme entretien

330 flights operated by the HUG helicopter

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Last update : 12/06/2020