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Mission of the Chaplaincy Services

The HUG chaplaincy services meet the spiritual expectations of the patients, their friends and family, and the staff.

  • It provides, at all times, a visiting service (FR) to hospitalized patients and their families, offering the possibility of personal conversations and support.
  • In collaboration with care providers, it offers spiritual support (FR) (searching for the meaning of life when confronted with the crisis of hospitalization) or religious support.
  • There is someone on-call (FR), at the Cluse-Roseraie site to respond to the desires of people in distress who can therefore, at any time, count on the presence of a chaplain by their side for spiritual or religious (FR) support.
  • To allow patients to take part in these celebrations, catholic and protestant volunteer teams come to the wards to invite them there, accompany them to the celebrations and guide them back to their rooms at the end of the religious services.
  • These volunteers have a charter* to define their activities.
  • This charter makes it possible to establish good communication at HUG, in the Churches and in collaboration with other religious communities.
  • It supports the patients, their families and the hospital staff in practical acts to promote solidarity: for example, it actively plays an active role in the private mutual assistance fund for HUG patients.
  • It participates in the research, teaching (FR) and continuing education activities at HUG, in Churches and for the entire city.
  • It participates in ethics and palliative care groups at HUG.

The protestant chaplaincy has the services of an Administrative Office available part-time, where you can request information or leave messages.

*to consult this charter, contact a head chaplain

Last update : 08/05/2024