Bone Diseases


Rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil 4
1205 Geneva

Serge Ferrari
Serge Ferrari
Head of Division

Mission of the Bone Diseases Division

  • Treat adult patients, on nonsurgical diagnostic and therapeutic levels, suffering from bone diseases and bone and mineral metabolism diseases.
  • Treat elderly patients with frequent falls and/or fractures, or acute risk of fracture, in investigations and rehabilitation problems stemming from geriatric rehabilitation, in post fracture care or for “bone disease” specialties.
  • Improve the treatment and prevention of bone diseases that affect mobility by disseminating cross-disciplinary programs, especially in the areas of osteoporosis, age-related malnutrition, balance and mobility (muscle & bone, osteoporosis stream, nutrition stream, falls & osteoporosis programs).


Last update : 26/07/2023