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Soleillane Villa

Chemin Venel 7
1206 Geneva

Zoltan Pataky
Zoltan Pataky
Head of Unit

Division Partners

Health Education Laboratory: education and compliance
Prof. Jean-François D'Ivernois, Rémi Gagnayre, Gérard Reach
Health Sciences Educational Department
Paris 13 University - France

RESO - Health Education Unit: patient education
Prof. Alain Deccache
Faculty of Medicine
Université catholique de Louvain in Brussels - Belgium

Didactic and Science Epistemology Laboratory (LDES)
Prof. André Giordan
Faculty of Education Sciences
University of Geneva - Switzerland

EGIR (European Group for the Study of Insulin Resistance)
Chair: Prof. Alain Golay

UPNC (Psychopathology and Cognitive Neuropsychology Unit)
Prof. Martial Van der Linden
University of Geneva - Uni Mail

INTACT (Individually Tailord Stepped Care for Women with Eating Disorders)
Coordinator: Dr. Hans Kordy, Forschunggstelle für Psychotherapie, Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg, Germany
This project is part of: the RTN - (Marie Curie Training Network)

NetUnion Sarl
New technologies for the development of self-help programs for chronic disease prevention focusing on food and diet related disorders
Tony Lam
Lausanne, Switzerland

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