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Rue Gabrielle Perret-Gentil 4
1211 Geneva 14

Picot Christophe
Head of Division

Mission of the Sterilization Division

Its missions are as follows:

  • Meet the sterile materials needs of HUG and external services 
  • Be an institutional technical and scientific expertise center in the field of sterilization
  • Train and inform
  • Participate in the national and international development of good practices in the field of sterilization, definitions and work methods, in the context of the SSSH (Swiss Hospital Sterilization Society), in common with all participants.


The services proposed to clients can have different aspects:

  • The collection of pre-disinfected materials and materials to be sterilized;
  • The processing of soiled materials (recyclable materials); 
  • The packaging of recycled or consumable materials (per part, set, packet and platform);
  • Their sterilization (except for materials for which disinfection suffices);
  • Their distribution

Moreover, the Sterilization Center has an advisory role in the reprocessing of medical devices.

The Sterilization Center has expertise with the following technologies:

  • Saturated water vapor sterilization;
  • Sterrad® low-temperature sterilization via the diffusion of hydrogen peroxide vapor and plasma phase
  • sterilization with low-temperature ethylene oxide
Last update : 22/02/2019