Patients, relatives, visitors


Rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil 4
1205 Geneva

Jérôme Pugin
Head of Division


acueil 24h/24 - service des soins intensifs

24/7 visits

When you arrive, check in at Reception. A staff member will welcome you and inform the patient's caregivers about your arrival. They will accompany you to your loved one's location. 

Discretion and peace of mind

In order to allow all patients to rest, the number of people who can be at the bedside of a patient at the same time is usually limited to two. When other patients are receiving care or during physician visits, please leave the room. Visits may be limited in case of medical necessity.

Before entering the room

  • Disinfect your hands to protect your loved one from the risk of infection.
  • Follow infection control measures requested by caregivers, such as wearing gloves, a gown or a mask.

At your loved one's bedside

  • Feel free to touch and talk to your loved one even if they appear to be asleep and do not react to the sound of your voice. It is very important to continue to communicate with them.
  • Think of personal toiletries that you can bring (hairbrush, shaving lotion, body lotion, detangling shampoo, etc.).
  • You can also bring pictures or drawings to leave with them. 

Compliance with hygiene rules and isolation instructions limits the risk of infection.

Last update : 18/06/2020