Service de psychiatrie de liaison et d'intervention de crise

Rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil 4
1205 Genève

Paco Prada
Paco Prada
Head of Division

Training in consultative interventions with patients and care providers, in psychosomatic approaches, and in the management of complex cases (medical and psychiatric) is one of the essential tasks of the division.

 Training activities are as follows:

  • Clinical presentations

A patient's case is presented by a doctor in training in the division with the assistance of a senior physician in the division. 

  • Journal club

This takes place once a week where one of the doctors in the unit presents an article about a topic in psychiatry. A discussion follows the article presentation..

Takes place one afternoon per week. The first part is devoted to psychiatry teaching, and the second addresses an in-depth study of psychotherapy techniques.

  • Tuesday Themes

This is a monthly training for doctors, delivered by Senior Residents and senior physicians in our division who choose to present an important theme, and followed by a discussion.

  • Supervision:
    • Group supervision takes place several times a week for all unit doctors (residents and senior residents). Supervision is an opportunity to examine, as a group, complex cases they encounter and to discuss differential diagnoses, pharmacology, etc.
    • Individual supervision with an external supervisor, funded by the division, is offered to all doctors in training, in order to discuss psychotherapeutic care.
    • Supervision that is specific to consultative psychiatry work takes place six times a year.  This is an opportunity to raise issues about the nature of consultative psychiatry and the specific requirements of this discipline. This is provided by a consultative psychiatric physician from outside the institution.


For doctors

The division is recognized by the FMH as one of the centers for postgraduate training leading to the title of specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy (category A), and for continuing in-depth education in consultative and liaison psychiatry. The division is committed to training psychiatrists according to the set of FMH objectives in psychiatry and psychotherapy training, and puts a particular emphasis on consultative psychiatry, crisis intervention and work that is integrated, multidisciplinary and network-based.

For psychologists

Simultaneously, the division participates each year in training psychologists for the Masters of Advanced Studies (MAS) in clinical psychology (internships and lectures). The division is also involved in training psychotherapists who are aiming to achieve the FSP psychotherapy specialization. Similarly, psychologists and nurses teach each year in a continuing education setting in the Health and Social network, a program for staff at HUG partner institutions (e.g. IMAD and FEGEMS).



Last update : 24/03/2023