Palliative Medicine

Bellerive Hospital (ex-Cesco)

Chemin de la Savonnière 11
1245 Collonge-Bellerive

Sophie Pautex
Sophie Pautex
Head of Division

Mission of the Palliative Medicine Division

Our research activity is governed by division projects approved by the HUG Directorate:

  • To provide care for adult patients with an advanced cancerous illness or an advanced-stage non-cancerous illness (heart disease, stroke, liver disease, kidney failure, respiratory failure, a neuro-degenerative disease, ...) relevant to palliative medicine.
  • Actively provide care and manage the treatment of all physical symptoms that are difficult to control as well as treat associated psychological symptoms.
  • Ensure consideration of the social, spiritual and financial problems of every situation.
  • Provide support and counseling for close friends and relatives on a daily basis as part of care.

The division's mission is to admit patients referred by another HUG division, by an external public or private facility, or even directly by private physicians in their home and whose clinical status requires specialized palliative care.

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Last update : 25/04/2023