ICPIC 2019 : Patient Participation Platform Session

ICPIC 2019 : patient participation platform session
11 Sep 2019


To encourage patients and healthcare workers work together to improve the quality of care. 

This bottom-up approach puts patient participation at the core of its initiative at the University Hospitals of Geneva.

To understand the dynamics of empowering patients who developed healthcare-associated infections or are at increased risk of getting them.


Wednesday, September 11, 2019



CICG Conference Centre, Rue de Varembé 17, CH-1211 Geneva 

Room 04


Moderators: Vanessa Carter, Denise Silber, and Dr. Thomas Agoritsas

  • 13:15 The patient participation platform at the University Hospitals of Geneva

Thomas Agoritsas, MD, PhD, physician & methodologist

Sylvie Touveneau, project manager, University Hospitals of Geneva and Faculty of Medicine, Geneva

  • 13:35 Patient experience with healthcare-associated infection 

Francois Velen, patient at the University Hospitals of Geneva

  • 13:45 Video: “The patient/partner experience”

Mélissa Rudolf, patient at the University Hospitals of Geneva

  • 13:55 The experience of a patient at high-risk 

Francois Lugeon, patient at the University Hospitals of Geneva

  • 14:05 Question & answer session

Moderated by Denise Silber, Paris and Doctors2.0

A live-stream video will be displayed here 


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