Medical Activities

The Neuro-Rehabilitation Division specializes in the rehabilitation and recovery of patients with a disorder of the central or peripheral nervous system that causes a functional disability.

It has two treatment units, located at the Beau-Séjour hospital, and Outpatient Consultations. It employs an interdisciplinary team (FR) that assesses patients’ needs and helps them and their close friends and relatives to define the objectives for rehabilitation:

  • Physicians: The senior physicians in the division specialize in neurologyor in physical and rehabilitation medicine. They provide specialized medical follow-up and coordinate the neuro-rehabilitation staff.
  • Nursing care teams: They coordinate the activities of hospitalized patients and help them develop their autonomy. Working closely with the therapists, the nursing teams help patients transfer the activities practiced in therapy to their daily lives.
  • Physiotherapists (FR)
  • Occupational Therapists (FR)
  • Neuropsychologists and Speech Therapists (FR)
  • Other contributors (FR), such as occupational therapy interns, social services assistants and administrative staff

The division also has hospital beds (FR).

Last update : 26/01/2017