Mental health during the perinatal period

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Nathalie Nanzer
Jean-Michel Aubry
Nathalie Nanzer

Mission of the Mental health during the perinatal period

  • Promote information, prevention, screening and treatment for perinatal depression, targeting professionals on the one hand and the general population on the other.
  • Create, update and distribute a Guide to the main places in Geneva that care for women suffering from perinatal depression and their children and relatives. 
  • Promote interdisciplinary collaboration and links between physical health and psychological health in treating women, with a view to providing perinatal continuity. 
  • Develop, at a canton level, prenatal interviewing for the prevention and screening of perinatal depression.
  • Improve patient referral and respond to the growing demand for specialized care for mothers and mothers-to-be.
  • Make “non-psychiatric” professionals aware of psychological issues and support them in the comprehensive care of the psychological health of women during the perinatal period.
Last update : 11/05/2021