Social Media charter

1. Discussion, dialog and sharing ideas is encouraged when posting and commenting on HUG social media.

2. All comments are read by HUG employees who are responsible for the management of its social media.  The HUG reserves the right to refrain from posting comments that do not respect the rules established here.

3. Defamatory, offensive, or discriminatory comments based on race, sex, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, etc. will not be posted, including all comments that promote violence or hate.

4. Abusive or obscene posts or copyright-infringing posts will be withheld.

5. Cross-posting identical or very similar posts is prohibited. Furthermore, self-promotion, advertisements or messages containing phone numbers or addresses will be systematically deleted.

6. Web users who consistently do not respect the rules could be banned from the page.

7. The HUG supports being respectful and courteous. Comments that are barely understandable will be withheld, including all comments that have an exceeding amount of spelling and grammar mistakes.

8. Participants are invited to reply to posts with comments that match the initial subject.  The HUG reserves the right to delete replies that have no connection with the topic addressed.

9. Please keep your comments short, use paragraphs and do not overuse capital letters. In addition, web users often tend to reply to each other in a thread. The HUG reserves the right to put a stop to endless conversations between users.

10. External links placed in comments are not the responsibility of the HUG.

We are looking forward to your regular presence on HUG social media

Last update : 04/03/2021