WHO Collaborating Centre for Humanitarian Medicine and Disaster Management

Engagement humanitaire


World Health Organisation (WHO) collaborating centres are designated by the Director General of the WHO in order to carry out support activities for the Organisation’s programmes.

The Tropical and Humanitarian Medicine Division is "Collaborating Centre for Humanitarian Medicine and Disaster Management". The Division brings his expertise in disasters all over the world. 

Tsunamis, floods and earthquakes, but also epidemics and armed conflicts. All over the world, populations require emergency healthcare, in extreme conditions. Faced with total destitution, local medical teams are sometimes not enough to ensure proper care.

Healthcare workers from the HUG are sent as reinforcements or to cooperate in offering their logistic and human support.

The HUG has five other WHO collaborating centres :

  • therapeutic teaching applied to chronic illnesses
  • vaccinology
  • mental-health research and training
  • patient safety and prevention of infections
  • telemedicine and cyber health.
Last update : 15/10/2021