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Pierre Fontana
Pierre Fontana
Head of the Hemostasis Unit

Mission of the Hemophilia Center

The Hemophilia Center is a referral center for people with hemophilia (PWH) and people with other hereditary hemorrhagic diseases.

It is recognized by the Swiss Hemophilia Association (Association Suisse des Hémophiles) and by the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH).

Its mission is to:

  • Diagnose and treat people with hemorrhagic disorders
  • Respond to patient questions,
  • Maintain national and international contacts with other hemophilia centers
  • Promote research in the field of hemorrhagic diseases.

Mission of the website

The website for hemophilia and other hemorrhagic diseases at HUG is aimed at patients, families, care providers and other people involved in caring for people with hemorrhagic disorders. The site provides information about the diseases concerned, contains links and documents to be downloaded, and also contact information for the referral people to contact.

This consultation is connected with the Angiology and Hemostasis Division

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Last update : 04/08/2022