Guide for friends and family

Patient guideWelcome

You are visiting a patient who has been admitted to Geneva University Hospitals (HUG). The purpose of this guide is to provide practical information to facilitate your visit.

Your visits

To respect everyone’s right to rest, the number of persons visiting a patient at any one time is limited to three. Please keep to the permitted visiting hours. You are kindly requested to leave the room during a patient’s treatment.

For medical reasons, visits may be restricted or prohibited.

Consult the visiting hours by place of care

Mobile phones

The use of mobile phones is generally permitted in the hospital. To preserve the peace and quiet of other patients, please refrain from using your phone in the rooms during visits. In the corridors and other areas of the hospital, please use your mobile phone discreetly and avoid loud conversations.

A non-smoking hospital

Indoor spaces in all buildings as well as balconies are non-smoking areas. This ban also applies to electronic cigarettes. Smoking or vaping is not per - mitted next to the entrances. Please move about ten metres away. In the event of bad weather, there are outside shelters not far from the doorways.

Photos and videos prohibited

In order to respect privacy, as covered by the privacy law, it is not permitted to take photos or videos of pa - tients or carers without their written agreement. It is also prohibited to make sound or image recordings du - ring the provision of care.

Protect the patients. Please do not come to the hospital:

  • if you have a contagious disease (colds, flu, coughs, gastroenteritis etc.)
  • accompanied by children whose health is fragile or who are sick (colds, gastroenteritis, chicken pox, measles etc.)
  • with plants or flowers in pots: the soil will contain germs that can pose a danger to patients.

When you visit, please apply the hand hygiene protocol : 

  • rub your hands with a hydro-alcoholic solution (Hopirub ® )
  • cover your mouth to sneeze or cough
  • use a paper tissue, then wash your hands with soap or rub them with a hydroalcoholic solution
  • follow the recommendations given by the care team
  • use only the toilets situated outside the wards.
Last update : 25/04/2023