When and how to regain a normal life?


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Integrating Coronary Heart Disease into Everyday Life

Getting back to work

Most patients return to work within 2 weeks to 3 months. Starting with part time activity or a change in professional activity can be useful. Get advice from your physician or cardiologist. 


It is recommended to wait 1 to 4 weeks before driving again. If you drive heavy vehicles or transport more than 8 passengers, driving is forbidden for 6 weeks. Take advantage of the rehabilitation period to seek specialized advice. 


It is not recommended that you fly or go above 1500 m of altitude during the first 4 weeks, or if your condition is not stabilized. 

Sexual relations

As soon as you are able to stroll around briskly, you should be able to resume normal sexual activity. If you feel pain during intercourse, no longer feel desire or are apprehensive about/worry about sexual relations, speak with your physician.

If you are given medication containing nitroglycerine, medication for erectile dysfunction (Viagra® or other such medication) is contraindicated as the double association can lead to severe hypotension (low blood pressure). 


Psychological reactions linked to heart attacks

You have experienced a cardiac event. It is most likely that you, your family and your friends feel worried. This is normal.

Disease is a disturbing event that can bring about all sorts of reactions: stress, anger, rebellion, helplessness, loneliness, discouragement, anguish about the future, fear of death…another tendency is to act as if nothing has happened and to minimize its importance. Speak about it! Don’t hesitate to ask us questions and to share your fears and feelings…. It is an opportunity to begin thinking about your priorities, your habits and to make a new start to improve your quality of life. 

If you have trouble being functional or getting back on your feet, you may need support. Don’t wait, make an appointment. 

Last update : 29/01/2019