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The BATLab construction project started in 2002. At that time, medical analysis was performed for patients in forty laboratories scattered across the hospital site.

With the construction of the BATLab, HUG wants to geographically consolidate routine laboratories and create a single location for the flow of samples. This consolidation was not designed as a juxtaposition of divisions and units, but in view of a merger of skills and a pooling of equipment.

The construction of a building bringing together thirty HUG laboratories is part of the will to initiate a care streamlining process while maintaining high standards in the quality of services provided for the benefit of patients.

Grouping them under one roof and establishing joint logistics has many advantages for the institution but also for patients and personnel.

  • To avoid the duplication of activities.
  • To pool equipment.
  • To optimize the use of human resources.
  • To streamline the management of inventory, product and small equipment purchases.
  • To streamline waste management and disposal.

In addition, the new building and the ultra-modern technical facilities meet the latest accreditation standards. Finally, the spaces previously used by laboratories within hospital buildings will be reassigned for other medical activities.

Benefits for patients

Always at the center of HUG's concerns, the patient will also benefit from this consolidation of laboratories.

  • Overall, the analysis process will be accelerated. The prescriber and the patient will therefore receive faster results. 
  • To date, the numerous laboratory sites means that samples are packaged in several tubes, so that each laboratory involved can have a sample. The creation of a single reception center for samples, automating the pre-analysis phase and the possibility of storing samples will reduce the amount of blood that needs to be drawn from the patient. 
Last update : 08/11/2017