Analysis of antineoplastic drugs



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Cytotoxic drugs analysis

Cytoxlab offers Swiss and European medical facilities several sampling and analysis kits for monitoring their surface contamination by cytotoxic agents.


Our experience in pharmaceutical analysis and manipulation of antineoplastic drugs began in the 2000s. Our research and development focused on antineoplastic drugs are mainly around the safety of manipulators and the environment and fit into an academic framework. To carry out this work, it quickly became apparent that the design of an adapted infrastructure entirely dedicated to the analysis of anticancer agents was an essential step.

Thus Cytoxlab was born in the quality control laboratory of the Geneva University Hospitals Pharmacy.



Since its establishment in 2018, Cytoxlab has analyzed over 1,000 samples and has contributed to implementing corrective measures aimed at reducing the exposure of hospital and laboratory personnel in several facilities in Switzerland and Europe. It provides its infrastructure and expertise on a non-profit basis.