Rehabilitation and Internal Medecine Joli Mont


Avenue Trembley 45
1209 Genève

Emilia Frangos
Emilia Frangos
Direction médicale

Mission of the Division of Rehabilitation and Internal Medecine Joli Mont

The Clinic receives patients in continuing treatment for medical and surgical conditions, including orthopedic conditions. It offers multidisciplinary treatment focused on rehabilitation, by integrating the specific needs of the elderly patient, the physical and psychological symptoms, and the patients’ medical and social problems. The objective of the stay is to reestablish autonomy for a return to home in good condition.

The Clinic also receives patients in palliative care, with an objective of end-of-life support.

Patients may be sent by other HUG Divisions or by private facilities, or directly from home.


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Dernière mise à jour : 20/04/2022