Your responsibilities

Respect for others and for the equipment

Please show respect for the staff, other patients and their visitors. No verbal or physical violence can be tolerated and may result in criminal prosecution. You are responsible for the hospital equipment placed at your disposal. Please treat it with care. You will be responsible for the cost of any deliberate damage you may cause.

Peace and quiet

To respect everyone’s right to rest, try to limit the number of visitors you receive at any one time. Please keep to the permitted visiting hours. Be considerate of the peace and quiet of the patients in the neighbouring beds by turning down the volume on your radio or laptop.

Mobile telephone

Its use is generally tolerated in hospital, except in operating theatres or examination rooms, for safety reasons (possible interference with medical devices). To preserve the peace and quiet of patients in neighbouring beds, please use your mobile phone with discretion. Avoid loud conversations and making or receiving calls after 9 pm.

Photos and videos are prohibited

To respect privacy, as required by law, you may not photograph or video the healthcare staff or other patients, unless they give you their permission. Sound and video recording during treatment is also prohibited.

Quitting smoking can be hard. We can help with:

  • pre-admission advice 022 372 61 23
  • advice and support from the healthcare team in your unit during your stay in hospital
  • post-discharge help to quit smoking: for a consultation with a stop smoking expert 022 372 95 37

l'équipe soignanteProhibited substances

All buildings are non-smoking areas indoors. This includes balconies and cafeteria terraces. This ban also concerns electronic cigarettes. Smoking and the use of electronic cigarettes within 10 metres of doors or windows is also prohibited. Alcohol consumption and the use of cannabis and illegal substances are prohibited inside the hospital.


Please let your healthcare team know before leaving your unit.

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Last update : 06/01/2020