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Art at the Hospital
Exhibitions and concerts are regularly arranged at all sites. For information about the programme of activities during your stay, please call 022 305 41 44, visit or see the information screens.

They wear a badge and will gladly take time to chat, support you or just be there. If you would like to meet a volunteer, please let a nurse in your unit know.

Every site has a restaurant or cafeteria and vending machines for drinks. Payment in cash in Swiss francs.

To ensure that you receive your post, your correspondents should address the envelope as follows:
Mr or Mrs ... , Patient of the X unit, and the address of the site on which you are located. For the following hospital sites: Lina Stern building, Gustave Julliard building, Children's Hospital, Maternity and Hôpital Beau-Séjour, use this address: rue Gabrielle-Perret- Gentil 4, 1211 Genève 14..

Patient and visitor area
The HUG information, mediation and relaxation area is located on the first floor of the Gustave Julliard building (rue Alcide-Jentzer 17, 1205 Geneva). This welcoming area is furnished with settees. Medical information and magazines are available here.

Green space
Each site has its own park, garden or terrace.

Towels and laundry
The hospital provides you with a patient gown designed for treatment. Please remember to bring your own toilet bag, pyjamas or nightdress, dressing gown, slippers, which should preferably have a back - and any other items you may need. The following hospitals provide a laundry service for your clothes, subject to a charge: Beau-Séjour, Trois-Chêne, Loëx and Bellerive and Joli-Mont hospitals, as well as the Psychiatric Hospital.

Audio-visual equipment
You may use your personal radio or other audio-visual equipment. Please be careful to respect other patients’ peace and quiet. Remember to store any computers out of sight if you leave the room.

Auxiliary equipment
To help you to get about, wheelchairs, walking sticks and frames are provided free of charge for your use inside the hospital.

A 24-hour pharmacy is located in the Gustave Julliard building. The entrance is at 38 boulevard de la Cluse.

Internet access is free. Just connect to the ((o))HUG-Public network.

Lost items
These can be recovered from Reception at each hospital site.

Pot plants and flowers
For hygiene reasons, pot plants are not allowed in the hospital rooms. This rule does not apply to cut flowers.

Spiritual welfare
Upon admission, you are asked about religious affiliation: you are not obliged to answer.
The representative of your religion or denomination may visit you and remain at your disposal. You can also ask your care staff at any time to arrange for you to see them. The chaplains serve other religious communities in the Canton and, if requested, can put you in touch with adherents of your faith. There is a room for worship or a chapel at each hospital site.

To use the telephone in your room, please contact Reception, the Admissions Office or a nurse to have the procedure printed out for you. A telephone bill will be sent to you on a monthly basis. When you leave, you have the possibility of immediately paying the sum for the current month. If you wish, you can also make an advance payment before activating your line. In this case, if the credit balance used is less than the advance payment, the difference will not be refunded to you. If you overrun your prepayment, you will be invoiced at your home address.

What would you like to eat? You can choose your meals on a daily basis, according to your state of health and your tastes.

Brochures and videos inform you and help you to manage your illness better. Discover the complete collection and on HUG web TV

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Last update : 27/05/2022