Visceral Surgery

Mission of the Visceral Surgery Division

Visceral Surgery Division, led by Professor Christian Toso, is the integrating part of the Geneva University Hospitals and exists within the Geneva, national and international realm.

  • Physicians working in the Visceral Surgery Division are involved in the lives of the people of Geneva and the people living in the region throughout their continued service and thereafter. The care offered to patients is at the core of daily activities for all surgeons working in our clinic. As a university division, this treatment takes place because of specialized professional expertise and cutting edge surgical techniques.
  • Many are employees within the Visceral Surgery Division, at the national and international level. Physicians-in-training could benefit from a very high level of supervision and experience from surgeons coming from different schools and having in-depth knowledge in different state-of-the-art facilities abroad. 
  • The Visceral Surgery Division, because of the Surgical Investigations Unit, has developed in-depth and exclusive expertise in the areas of organ and cell transplants, in different techniques to treat chronic diseases and in the handling of organs used in transplants. This expertise is used to treat patients in our division on a daily basis.

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Last update : 17/09/2019