Since fall 2008, our Department of Surgery is an official Intuitive Robotic Training Center System Standard.

The training center of the Department is based on a close collaboration with Prof J. Fasel, chief of the Division of Anatomy. This enables us to organize training on human cadavers. A training da Vinci robot is permanently present in the lab, which allows to provide for frequent training opportunities, starting with exercises whose level of difficulty is progressively increased, until sufficient technique expertise allows to work on human cadavers

The Division of Urologic Surgery is held a very successful first series of hands-on courses in five sessions which included 20 participants over the year 2009. A national faculty panel, as listed hereunder, has contributed to provide high level standards of teaching during these courses. Please find further information on the upcoming courses on the following page. For registration, please use the contact sheet. 


Christophe E ISELIN, Professor and Chief, Division of Urologic Surgery
Geneva University Hospital, GENEVA, Switzerland

Agostino MATTEI, Senior Staff Surgeon and Co-Chief, Division of Urologic Surgery
County Hospital, LUZERN, Switzerland

Daniel SEILER, Senior Staff Surgeon, Division of Urologic Surgery
County Hospital, AARAU, Switzerland

IN ASSOCIATION WITH : Jean FASEL, Professor and Chief, Division of Anatomy
Faculty of Medicine, Geneva University, GENEVA, Switzerland

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