The Da Vinci Robot

It is the single robot actually used clinically in minimally invasive surgery by various sub-specialities. It consists of 2 entities as illustrated and numbered hereunder : 1) a master-slave-system and 2) the console at which the surgeon (3) pilots the device, his assistant (4) working next to the robotic arms and the patient.

The system enables to control laparoscopic instruments from the console which provides the surgeon with 3-D vision so as the possibility to magnify images up to 10 times. The instruments have been specially designed so that they have more degrees of freedom and no tremor transmission as compared to classical laparoscopic instruments. Moreover, the optical system provides a steady picture.

The distinct advantage offered by the da Vinci robot is to allow to perform surgeries requiring fine dissection and suturing in a minimally invasive fashion.

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