Start of your treatment

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Rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil 2
1205 Geneva

The acute care sector

This sector is for patients with emergency levels of 1, 2 or 3 who potentially require hospitalization. If your condition is categorized as urgency level 1, your treatment will commence immediately in order to stabilize your vital functions. Otherwise, your admission will follow a two-step process.

What happens first?

You will undergo a medical examination. You will be placed in a patient room in the primary zone. A multi-disciplinary team composed of a doctor, nurse and sometimes also an assistant nurse will gather information about your condition. This team will quickly determine a care plan involving:

  • treatments, and if required, invasive technical procedures (drip, probe, etc.)
  • ordering radiological or biological examinations
  • organizing surgery or a consultation with specialists
  • continuous monitoring of vital signs: blood pressure, pulse, heart rate, oxygen saturation levels.

This step generally takes 90 to 120 minutes.

What happens next?

Your treatment will then continue in a secondary zone in another patient room. You will be placed in a bed or armchair, in the most comfortable position for you. Whilst here:

  • your vital signs will continue to be monitored if required
  • you will undergo radiological or laboratory examinations
  • you will consult with a specialist.

Family or friends (maximum two people) may join you here, but priority is given to treatment.

This step may last several hours until you are transferred or discharged.

The outpatient sector

This sector is for people with level 3 or 4 emergencies (including level 2 for hand injuries), most not requiring hospitalization.

You will be received by a nurse or a doctor/nurse team who will assess your condition and quickly establish a care and treatment plan:

  • if your health condition requires neither surgical or scan services nor an immediate medical consultation, you will be offered an appointment in the next 24 to 48 hours in the Division of Primary Medicine if you do not have your own general practitioner.
  • if you need immediate medical consultation, you will be admitted as a priority case and shown to a patient room or waiting room.

If your condition allows, you can leave the emergency department while waiting to be seen by providing a mobile telephone contact number. You will be sent a text message 15 minutes before your consultation. This automatic reminder system is available in several languages.

In the waiting room, a screen lists all the people awaiting consultation. Only the patients’ initials are visible. You can track your queue position on this screen.

After having seen a doctor, nursing care and any additional examinations (laboratory or imaging) or technical procedures can be carried out before you are discharged.

The psychiatry sector

This sector is for people suffering from mental disorders when treatment cannot wait.

You will be received by a specialist nurse or a doctor/nurse team who will assess your difficulties and provide you with initial treatment and care. You will then be directed to outpatient treatment (private psychiatrist, general practitioner, psychiatric consultation at HUG) or hospitalization if necessary.

Throughout this process your pain will be regularly assessed and relieved.

Last update : 15/10/2019