Medical activities

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Rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil 2
1205 Geneva

When a patient arrives at the emergency room, either on his or her own or in ambulance, he or she is first greeted by a specialized nurse.This professional quickly assesses the patient's state of health and determines the degree of urgency.

The patient is then referred to the Acute Sector (Emergency Department), the Outpatient Sector (Ambulatory Emergency Unit) or the Psychiatric Sector. If necessary, he is accompanied by an assistant or an ambulance driver.

The degree of urgency determines the order of patient admission. Vital emergencies are treated immediately.

To this end, the Emergency Room comprises seven sectors with distinctly different activities:

To find out more about the functioning of the Emergency Room and how patients are managed according to their health status, consult the brochure: "Your care at the Emergency Room (FR)".

Last update : 09/10/2019