Vaccine for cystitis

HUG and University of Geneva researchers conducted a study with other specialists from Swiss and international institutes and hospitals. It revealed a promising avenue in creating a vaccine to prevent urinary infections due to Escherichia coli.

Protection against the flu

Getting vaccinated and wearing a mask are the best ways to protect yourself against the flu. Every year, the flu kills people suffering from ill health. Since 2012, Geneva University Hospitals have become increasingly vigilant in terms of monitoring the number of influenza cases and strengthening their protection measures in the event of an outbreak in a unit. In January 2018, almost 45% of caregivers4 were vaccinated and those who were not agreed to wear a mask during the outbreak.


  • Rubella/measles: In general you will have been vaccinated in childhood against this disease. Serological tests are performed by your physician in early pregnancy. If you are not immune (negative) your physician will be informed and a vaccination will be performed after giving birth.


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Whooping cough vaccine

The vaccination for whooping cough, a highly contagious respiratory disease, is recommended as part of children’s routine immunisation. Unfortunately, immunity weakens over time. Which is why a booster is recommended for teenagers and adults.