Pulsations TV Mars 2017 - Handicap et soins. Une approche personnalisée aux HUG.
Quelque 5000 personnes à Genève vivent avec un retard mental. Aux Hôpitaux universitaires de Genève (HUG), elles sont accueillies et traitées avec un soin particulier.


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Keys to communication

Some 5,000 people in Geneva live with mental retardation. At HUG, they are welcomed and treated with particular care.

In 2016, a contact disability physician was designated and specific training provided to 140 healthcare providers from the emergency and internal medicine departments.

Emergency department

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New extension project

The number of people coming to the adult emergency department has risen by 17% in the space of five years, especially critical emergencies and those requiring care within 20 minutes. The current premises have become cramped and prevent the provision of optimal care.

A renovation and extension project was adopted in 2016; it looks to

Should you have a problem

Call the Children’s Hospital immediately if:

  • Your cast breaks, hurts or irritates your skin, smells bad or has become too big (the limb moves inside).
  • You can feel the cast pressing against a part of the limb, or a small object has become stuck in the cast.
  • You continue to experience strong pain even though you’ve raised the fractured limb (see drawing) and taken the prescribed painkillers.
  • You can’t move your fingers or toes anymore, or they prickle, are swollen, cold or blue or white (they should be pink-coloured).

Le 144 est, à Genève, le numéro d’urgence à garder en mémoire. Aux HUG, le 144 est une organisation millimétrée. Une expertise et une exigence de tous les instants pilotées depuis la nouvelle centrale du 144 sur le site de Belle idée.