Immunology and Allergology


Mission of the Immunology and Allergology Division

  • To participate in the diagnostic and therapeutic management of patients suffering from acute and chronic immunological and allergic disorders. In the field of transplantation, HLA testing and the follow-up of transplant patients (bone marrow and organs) in conjunction with the various different medical and surgical divisions, taking into account the services delivered by other divisions of HUG.
  • To be the benchmark division in HUG for co-ordinating and managing the care of patients in the fields of allergology and clinical immunology (autoimmune, auto inflammatory and immune deficiency disorders) in collaboration with particular disciplines such as, notably, rheumatology , respiratory medicine, etc.
  • To supervise immuno-allergolic tests performed at HUG in collaboration with the Clinical Allergology and Immunology Laboratory (LIAC).
  • Patients can be inpatients or outpatients.In the first case they have a medical consultation in hospital, in the second they will be have standard consultations with their attending physician.

Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care


Mission of the Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Division

  • To provide care for all newborns, infant or child whose vital functions are threatened and who requires monitoring or therapy subject to intensive medicine.
  • To support patients and their loved ones in these crisis situations
  • To make every effort, in close collaboration with their immediate family, to provide all that is necessary and possible to improve the quality of life and chances of survival of children in a state that requires monitoring or specialized treatment.
  • To achieve and maintain a level of excellence over the long term, the effort depends on four components: clinical care, training-education, humanitarian projects as well as research, with the utmost respect for the children and their parents, and to improve their condition.

Au 29 avenue de la Roseraie à Genève,  la deuxième Maison de la Fondation Ronald McDonald offre « petit chez soi… loin de leur chez soi » aux familles d’enfants hospitalisés aux HUG.


Patients are welcomed at 8 hospitals, 2 clinics and 40 healthcare locations spread across the canton

Medical Activities

The HUG Hematology Division ensures the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients with benign and malignant blood , soft tissue, and lymphatic diseases.

It is also the reference center of French-speaking Switzerland for hematopoietic stem cell allotransplantation
(transplantation from a donor to a recipient).

The medical team and nursing staff of the Division manage care of outpatients or inpatients at its various units and offices:


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A new way to donate organs

Every week in Switzerland, two people on average die while awaiting an organ. On 1st October, the HUG launched a programme of organ donations known as "non-heart beating" to increase the number of donors.