La pleine conscience est une pratique méditative aux bénéfices positifs sur la santé. Développée aux Etats-Unis dans les années 70, la pleine conscience a vu son champ d’application s’élargir au fil du temps.


Patients are welcomed at 8 hospitals, 2 clinics and 40 healthcare locations spread across the canton


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Easing the transition to adulthood

In order to improve the care provided to teenagers and young adults suffering from cancer, HUG has created a specific oncology consultation.


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Creation of a day hospital

Created in Beau-Séjour, a day hospital welcomes people suffering from nervous system disorders.

This outpatient care can take place following hospitalisation or an outpatient neuro-reeducation consultation. By combining their expertise, different professionals coordinate their therapies and concentrate them in a single place.