Medical Activities

The HUG Hematology Division ensures the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients with benign and malignant blood , soft tissue, and lymphatic diseases.

It is also the reference center of French-speaking Switzerland for hematopoietic stem cell allotransplantation
(transplantation from a donor to a recipient).

The medical team and nursing staff of the Division manage care of outpatients or inpatients at its various units and offices:



Hemodialysis is a method of mechanically cleansing your blood outside the body.

The blood is carried by means of a machine to a filter which removes the toxins and excess water. After passing through this circuit, the filtered blood is returned to the body. In order to be able to access your blood, we use a vein of sufficient flow, being suggestively known as “vascular access”.

There are two types of vascular access:

The Fistula


A fistula is surgically created by connecting an artery and a vein in the arm. The vein (superficial, and easily accessible) will therefore be arterialised.

Thus, its size increases, its wall thickens and it becomes visible under the skin. And this facilitates the puncture and the pumping of a sufficient amount of blood (300 ml/ minute).

The passage of blood through the fistula is perceived upon palpation as a quiver (also called «thrill»).

The arteriovenous fistula is the preferred vascular access thanks to:

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Mission of the Hematology Division

The HUG Hematology Division ensures diagnostic and therapeutic care of patients with benign or malignant blood diseases, as outpatients or inpatients.

It is also the reference center of French-speaking Switzerland for allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, including collection of stem cells via cytapheresis or from bone marrow.

It performs hematology consultations at the other HUG divisions and for the region of Geneva.

The Hematology Division works in close collaboration with the Transfusion Hematology Unit, which includes the Blood Transfusion Center (CTS) and the Transfusion Immunohematology Laboratory (LIHT).


Do you want to donate blood, stem cells, or platelets? Contact the Blood Transfusion Center


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Angiology and Hemostasis


Mission of the Angiology and Hemostasis Division


  • Support, with diagnostic and therapeutic plans, of outpatients or inpatients with arterial vascular disease, venous, and lymphatic microcirculatory.
  • Support outpatients or inpatients with a bleeding or thrombotic disease.
  • Organize multidisciplinary consultations for diagnostic and therapeutic discussion in the areas above, taking into account the services provided by other HUG divisions (cardiovascular center, orthopedic surgery, rheumatology, hematology, etc.)
  • Supervise laboratory examinations in the field of hemostasis.
  • Promote therapeutic education for patients with vascular disease and coagulation, or who are taking anticoagulants.


  • Promote basic clinical research into venous thromboembolic disease, hemorrhagic disease as well as platelet function and antiphospholipid antibodies.
  • Initiate, participate and collaborate on national and international projects in our areas of expertise.

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