Qualité Des Soins

1. Patient views

98% of patients are satisfied with the care received

The evaluation of patient satisfaction is a recognized indicator of the quality of care and services provided by a hospital.

Since 2001, the HUG has conducted a survey of approximately 3,000 patients who have been hospitalized for more than 24 hours. They answer a questionnaire containing 44 questions. The response rate is over 50%. The data collected provides a valuable insight into what patients appreciate, and areas that require improvement.

Assessing the health of Genevans

Geneva University Hospitals seek to improve the quality of life of the entire population, regardless of age, origin or socio-economic status. To achieve this goal and guide public health policies, the 'Health Bus' initiative of the Population-based Epidemiology Unit (FR) (UEP) has reached out to residents by regularly parking up in the heart of the city. Since 1993, it has conducted studies on the health of the Geneva people and makes visits to companies in the city.

The patient’s charter

HUG is committed to seven key points which demonstrate the high ethical principles of the professionals who work there.

The welcome is the first form of care
Anyone requiring treatment is admitted without any kind of discrimination concerning their origin, religion, opinions, illness or disabilities. Following an evaluation of their needs, they are directed towards the most suitable treatment.