Pulsations TV mai 2016 - Occupant près d’un tiers de notre vie, le sommeil est parfois perturbé. Environ une personne sur trois se plaint d’un sommeil difficile. Une des causes les plus fréquentes de ce mauvais sommeil est l’apnée du sommeil.

Lung diseases

Lung diseases are a major specialty of the Thoracic and Endocrine Surgery Division, including cancers, infectious diseases, pneumothorax, bronchiectasis and emphysema. Lung surgery is one of the main focuses of the Division.

The lungs oxygenate blood that comes from the heart (upon inhalation) and expel carbon dioxide (upon exhalation). The action of the respiratory muscles on the lungs produces inhalation and exhalation.

Indications for lung resection

Lung tumor

The type of resection is determined by the nature, size and location of the tumor and how much it has spread:

  • segmentectomy is used for small tumors
  • lobectomy is used if the tumor is bigger or too close to the heart
  • pneumonectomy (rare), when it is necessary to remove an entire lung to eliminate the tumor.

When the tumor is malignant, lymph nodes around the lung and heart are also removed and analyzed to establish whether the cancer has spread.



Mission of the Pulmonology Division

  • Provide diagnostic and non-surgical therapeutic care for adult patients with acute or chronic respiratory diseases
  • Monitor breathing-impaired patients in collaboration with the attending physician
  • Provide screening, diagnosis and treatment of patients with lung cancer
  • Provide interventional pulmonology procedures
  • Provide clinical monitoring pre- and post lung transplant
  • Ensure prevention and provide treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis
  • Treat and follow up patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension
  • Patients are cared for on an outpatient or inpatient basis depending on their needs.