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Maternity hospital extension

On 1 September 2017, the Maternity hospital extension was inaugurated in the presence of the authorities. This date marks the completion of a vast project that began 15 years earlier.

Expanded in stages and modernised, HUG’s Maternity Hospital will have the capacity to meet several challenges:

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The largest Maternity hospital in Switzerland is growing

2015 marked the end of the structural work on the third stage of the new Maternity hospital. This final phase marks the end of the expansion of this Geneva Maternity hospital, which started in 2006, financed by investment funds voted by the Grand Council.

La base Rega HUG a fêté en 2011 ses 40 ans de présence sur sol genevois et ses 10 ans de rattachement avec les HUG. Gros plan sur la prise en charge des nouveau-nés au sein de la Rega.