Memory and concentration

Do you feel you are forgetting everything? That you can’t remember where your keys are? Relax, it’s normal. Problems of memory and concentration are frequent during cancer.

Fatigue is the main cause of this state of affairs. It affects both body and mind, revealing itself in memory lapses and difficulty paying attention or thinking. For example, it can be an effort to read a newspaper or recall the several things you have to do. Patients often describe it as a ‘mental fog’.



Mission of the Trois-Chêne Geriatric Division

The Trois-Chêne Geriatric Division develops clinical, teaching and research activities within the Department of Rehabilitation and Geriatrics.

The medical Head of Division and several senior doctors are specialists in internal medicine and also have an in-depth training in geriatrics.

The division undertakes the care and treatment of elderly patients who require acute geriatric care in a hospital setting. It also arranges the provision of complex rehabilitation care for elderly people. It has available specialist units for people suffering from acute medical problems associated with dementia or with psychiatric conditions, who need integrated care. Another unit specializes in dealing with falls and mobility, in collaboration with the Bone Diseases Division.

The division carries out general and specialized geriatric consultations, such as consultations on memory and urinary continence.

Medical activities

The Geriatric Division undertakes the care of elderly people who need acute medical care, or who need rehabilitation with a geriatric approach.

It also carries out general and specialized geriatric consultations (continence, urinary, memory).

The Geriatric Division at the HUG Trois-Chêne Hospital has 146 beds, divided between 9 physical units, where care is provided following a patient-centered, multidisciplinary geriatric approach. 5 units carry out the general clinical remit of the Division, described above, and 2 units have specialist remits.