When pain persists

When it gets you down

Chronic pain is very different from the acute pain that follows an illness, an accident, an examination or even an operation. The pain frequently has a serious disturbing effect on daily life and can result in mood swings.

Ways to feel better

How do you deal with pain that remains after your treatment? There are ways:

2. Patient involvement

For the patient to start playing an active role in their care, it is essential that they are given clear information about their illness. Experience has shown that a well-informed patient is better able to monitor their treatment and will feel more satisfied with their overall care journey.

Le rein n’est pas seulement le filtre de notre corps. Impliqué dans de nombreux équilibres, sa fonction est essentielle.

Les raisons qui poussent le rein à dysfonctionner sont multiples. Parmi elles, le diabète et l’hypertension qui touche plus d'un patient sur 2.


A goiter is a thyroid condition that is characterized by an increase in the size of the thyroid gland, which is located slightly below the Adam's apple. Sometimes hereditary, this disease occurs more commonly in women than men and its frequency increases with age. It affects people who live in mountainous regions more because of iodine deficiency in the soil (an essential component of thyroid hormones).


  • Rubella/measles: In general you will have been vaccinated in childhood against this disease. Serological tests are performed by your physician in early pregnancy. If you are not immune (negative) your physician will be informed and a vaccination will be performed after giving birth.