Should you have a problem

Call the Children’s Hospital immediately if:

  • Your cast breaks, hurts or irritates your skin, smells bad or has become too big (the limb moves inside).
  • You can feel the cast pressing against a part of the limb, or a small object has become stuck in the cast.
  • You continue to experience strong pain even though you’ve raised the fractured limb (see drawing) and taken the prescribed painkillers.
  • You can’t move your fingers or toes anymore, or they prickle, are swollen, cold or blue or white (they should be pink-coloured).


  • Don’t lean on your cast, unless you have a shoecast. surveillance de plâtre - la jambe
  • Contract the thigh muscle as often as possible – at least 10 times in a row and 10 times a day – to prevent muscle loss.
  • After walking somewhere, don’t leave your leg dangling or your toes may swell.