Laboratory Medicine

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A showcase for analysis and research

Located at the heart of the hospital site, the laboratories and research building is now operational. It brings together all the HUG's clinical laboratories. This combination ensures more efficient management of the analysis process, providing increased safety and comfort for the patient.


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Investing in and modernising your hospital

Between now and 2017, 550 million Swiss francs will be invested by the State of Geneva in huge projects to shape your future hospital.


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Maximum safety for chemotherapy

Switzerland's first robot capable of preparing chemotherapy has been installed at the HUG pharmacy. It is the final step towards completely secure cancer treatment after the introduction of electronic prescriptions and electronic verification at the bedside.


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New washing tunnels

This equipment may not be of a medical nature, but it contributes to the quality of care and patient comfort. These washing tunnels offer an industrial approach to laundry - especially sheets, towels, nightshirts and dressing gowns - from the hospital itself as well as other cantonal health facilities.


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A new bracelet featuring a Damatrix code

Thanks to the new patient ID bracelet developed by the IS Division, the HUG are working to eradicate identity errors throughout the treatment process.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

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The largest Maternity hospital in Switzerland is growing

2015 marked the end of the structural work on the third stage of the new Maternity hospital. This final phase marks the end of the expansion of this Geneva Maternity hospital, which started in 2006, financed by investment funds voted by the Grand Council.

Penal Medicine

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A secure walkway for inmates

After seven months of renovation, the hospital cell unit (UCH) has been re-opened. This secure medical facility hosts inmate-patients incarcerated in prisons in western Switzerland and Ticino. It enables the hospitalisation of people with pathologies related to internal medicine, other medical specialties and those in need of surgery.