Lung surgery

Brochure pour les patients - Chirurgie pulmonaireResection, which is the surgical removal of part of the lungs, is indicated in the treatment of certain diseases, such as tumors, infections or emphysema.

It is also used for diagnostic purposes, especially inflammatory diseases or suspicious pulmonary nodules.

Before hospitalization

What type of anesthesia will be used?

Whatever technique is selected, lung surgery is performed under general anesthesia. During a preliminary consultation, the anesthesiologist will give you information about this procedure along with an explanatory brochure. You must give him or her a list of the medications you are taking.


When will the operation be performed?

The operation is usually performed on the same day as your hospitalization. In this case, you must arrive with an empty stomach. Stop eating and drinking six hours before the procedure.

Hospital stays last an average of five days.

If you take some medications, this may require hospitalization the day before or a few days before surgery.