Termination of pregnancy

The HUG Gynecology Division welcomes all women and girls seeking termination of a pregnancy.

When faced with an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy, the physicians and nursing staff of the office support you, listen to you, and support you in your approach and your choice so that you can exercise your rights and terminate the pregnancy in the best possible conditions.


Termination of a pregnancy is an intimate and personal procedure, which essentially is about you.



The HUG Gynecology Division is one of the most important in Switzerland.

It ensures that women are properly monitored and followed-up throughout their their reproductive lives and during the menopause. Its mission is to welcome the women and couples who entrust themselves to the service, with the highest standards of comfort and safety, respecting the privacy and values of all.

The service offers patients different types of consultation. The number of outpatient gynecology consultations rises to more than 46,000 per year. The units of medical oncology, surgical oncology and surgical senology (breast surgery) are committed to working together to treat gynecological and breast cancers. The Gynecological Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine Unit is in charge of the management of problems linked to reproduction, infertility and the menopause. The Perineology Unit’s remit is the prevention and treatment of genital prolapses (“descending organs”) and urinary incontinence.

The Gynecology Division: ensures the education of specialist obstetrician-gynecologists, contributes to the medical training of medical students and takes part in the continuing medical training of qualified doctors.

Thanks to the strong emphasis on research, the division prides itself on giving patients the best possible quality of care, in line with not only federal, but also international standards.  

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Your care

Both a medical and surgical specialty, gynecology treats intimate diseases.

The excellence of our medical and surgical expertise combined with state-of-the-art equipment and innovative care approaches ensure that you receive the best diagnostics, treatment, and medical follow-up care.

Depending on the situation, you are monitored at our outpatient offices or in our hospitalization units. Regardless of your situation, our multidisciplinary teams make every effort to ensure that your stay takes place in the best conditions.


State-of-the-art care for women’s cancers

The HUG Gynecology Division has state-of-the-art expertise for the treatment of women with breast cancer or a gynecological cancer, such as: