An ultrasound scan is an imaging technique that uses ultrasound. It is used routinely in medicine and helps to verify that everything is well with your baby and its environment, using a vaginal or abdominal probe. 
This examination is completely painless for you and your baby.

During pregnancy, it is recommended that a total of three ultrasound scans should be performed:




Mission of the Radiology Division

  • To carry out diagnostic, morphological and functional investigations, using modern technologies such as magnetic resonance, CT scan, ultrasound, radiography and radioscopy for all organs and in accordance with current good practices inpatient safety. 
  • To play a part in multidisciplinary patient management.
  • To carry out minimally invasive image-guided interventional radiology procedures.
  • To conduct pre-graduate academic education (the Faculty of Medicine's Master program) and high-level training in radiology in line with current postgraduate training in Switzerland. 
  • To develop and integrate new diagnostic and interventional imaging techniques, in collaboration with other HUG divisions. 
  • To devise and develop radiology research projects.

Cet examen, aussi appelé échographie, est une technique d'imagerie qui utilise des ultrasons. Elle est quasiment sans danger. Il n'y a pas de contre-indication.