In the maternity ward

Congratulations, you’ve had a baby! You are entering a new stage of life during which you will get to know yourself better.

At birth and during your stay in the maternity ward, your baby will undergo various examinations and medical check-ups to make sure the baby is in good health.

The baby's weight

A newborn baby may lose up to 10% of its birth weight, which is normal. In the following weeks, the baby gradually regains weight and continues to grow. This development is subject to regular monitoring.


Should I insure my baby before the birth?

It is advisable to pre-register your baby with an insurance company of your choice, which will take effect from birth.




The best treatment for sore nipples is prevention.

The best prevention is to ensure a proper latch by the baby
Nipple pain often has one or two causes.

Either the baby is not properly positioned and does not latch onto the breast correctly, or it has a suction problem, or both.

See technical sheets - positions

Cracks may be without visible lesions at first, but the nipple will be sore during feeding: correct the breastfeeding position and the taking of the nipple in the baby's mouth will prevent the emergence of more extensive and painful sores.