Apprenticeships at HUG

A stimulating, rich and varied training environment.

Voted best training company in 2011, HUG is committed to offering varied and high-quality training. Supervision is provided by qualified professionals who ensure the successful delivery of training. More than 200 employees benefit from train the trainer education (EDUPROS). This commitment increases the number of apprenticeship placements each year.

HUG offers two apprenticeship training pathways that lead to:

Les professions administratives couvrent un ensemble d’activités très variées. L’accueil, l’enregistrement des patients, la prise de rendez-vous, la préparation et l’archivage des dossiers, la facturation,

Apply for an apprenticeship

Each year the HUG Training Center lists all the apprenticeship places to be filled.This inventory is sent to the OCPE (FR) (Office for Orientation and Continuing Professional Education).

The places available for each school year are announced on the HUG website (Employment section) and a press release is issued in January and February. Anyone interested can then apply online (paper applications are not accepted).

En contact direct avec les patients, ces professionnels ont pour mission d’assurer des soins de qualité qui, au-delà de l’acte de soin en lui-même, passent par l’écoute du patient et de son entourage.