What are the risks of peripheral nerve catheter anesthesia?

All medical procedures involve risks, even when they are performed by experts. The rate and severity of these risks depend on your state of health, age or general lifestyle. The anesthesia techniques used are safe. The risks of unexpected and potentially life-threatening complications such as an allergy are extremely small. All necessary measures will be taken to prevent and treat any complications in the best possible way.

However, the following complications may occur:

What is peripheral nerve block anesthesia?

Peripheral nerve block anesthesia consists of injecting anesthetics through a needle near the nerves involved in the area to be operated on. This type of anesthesia numbs the part of the body around the catheter so that a surgical procedure can be performed without pain. This technique also serves as an analgesic (painkiller) in the operated area and lasts for several hours after the operation.

Pulsations TV Mars 2015 - Aujourd’hui, Victor vient à l’hôpital pour être opéré d’une hernie inguinale. L’intervention chirurgicale a été expliquée et discutée quelques jours auparavant avec le chirurgien et le médecin anesthésiste.