Pediatric Pulmonology

Attending Physician
Prof. Constance Barazzone-Argiroffo


The Pediatric Pulmonology Unit provides technical investigations and full clinical services to children with lung disease (FR).

This can involve children suffering from asthma (FR), former premature babies with severe pulmonary after-effects (bronchopulmonary dysplasia (FR)), children suffering from pulmonary malformations (FR), respiratory problems or recurrent respiratory symptoms.

In addition, the Pediatric Pulmonology Unit is responsible for and provides, with a multidisciplinary team, neonatal screening for cystic fibrosis (FR), and also the follow-up of children with this disease. It provides follow-up for children ventilated at home, such as children with neuromuscular diseases (FR).

Finally, the unit monitors pre- and post-lung transplant children

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Pediatric Pulmonology Unit
Children's Hospital
Rue Willy Donzé 6
1205 Genève

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