Pediatric Nephrology

Attending Physician

Prof. Paloma Parvex



  • Ensure diagnosis and therapeutic management of children with kidney disease
  • Coordinate the multidisciplinary care of the child and their family when kidney failure is diagnosed, and implement therapeutic measures to slow the progression towards end stage renal disease.
  • Allow the care of children with acute and chronic kidney failure with hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, plasmapheresis and kidney transplantation.
  • Offer multidisciplinary care to children and families facing a hereditary kidney disease.
  • Offer general nephrology consultations in partnership with pediatricians to monitor urinary tract infections, kidney dilation and urination problems.

Practical info

Pediatric Nephrology Unit for Western Switzerland (HUG site)
Children's Hospital
Rue Willy Donzé 6
1205 Genève

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